The merchant with pyromaniac tendencies


Immendorf used to be a merchant in Redwall before the werewolf attack. He had a small stand where he sold potions and other concotions. Little is known about his origins before this except that he used to be a wandering merchant going from town to town, finally settling in Redwall where his talents with sorcery wouldn’t raise him so much trouble.

After surviving the attack being trapped in some rubble and being found by a group of adventurers he quickly revealed to be more than just a merchant by using sorcery while fighting together with them against a werewolf ambush.

Despite his background as a merchant, his proficiency with sorcery and rather suspicious if not mischievous tone suggest there might be more than meets the eye about this character. To make matters stranger Immendorf seems to sometimes be taken over by a different character named Adamastor which proclaims himself to be “the tyrant duke of San Escobar”, a place nobody seems to have heard of. He seems to be aware of this second character but chose not to divulge much about the topic.


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