Jaela's Journal 10

Session 24

AGM 627, early Arodus.

We tried several different things to find a mage. More than we should have needed, I must confess. Regardless, we eventually found a minor mage named Illord. He was difficult to convince. I suppose us accosting him at a tavern, trailing him through the city and knocking at his door might have induced some paranoia.

I had to come clean with him and tell him of the drow attack. This got him motivated. Illord himself could not assist us, but he claimed to have a powerful friend who could. It cost us some coin and a magic cloak my comrades found, but Illord managed to arrange a meeting. This mystery mage is very paranoid so we must go in blind-folded. How utterly ridiculous.

Illord also explained the tunneling rods of the drow. Apparently, they are powered by some mystical element called rimefire. Alchemists have been trying to harness it since the Great Mistake but no one has succeed yet. It is quite impressive that the drow have mastered rimefire, or so Illord says.

Anyway, we are off to meet this mysterious hermit mage. I hope he bathes…



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