Jaela's Journal 03

Session 17

AGM 627, ?? ??

I need to find out what day it is. This journal is getting ridiculous.

I should write something down about my rescuers.

Barb is big, strong. I suppose he is cute, if you like the type. He seems sharp and has good instincts. But then he opens his mouth and says something impossibly stupid. Still, he is brave and is always first to the fight. I like brash people. They make things interesting. He also gave me a forgemaster amulet he found. That was nice of him.

Ku has many names. He seems proud of how confusing they all sound to me. He does not speak much, which seems strange. I do not know many gnomes, but their race does not have a reputation for being quiet. He is also a spell slinger, good one from what I have seen so far.

Lia is an elf. A pity there is no dwarf among the group. Few things are funnier than a dwarf telling elf jokes to an elf. I know several myself but I can never seem to tell them right. Lia is also quiet, though it seems more deliberate in her case. She is a cautious fighter, though I suppose most archers are. She also has a rather strange obsession with spears.

Lady Akra is the leader of the group, at times — it is still not clear to me.  She is a dragonborn woman. I never saw one before. They are huge!  She is a smart fighter, disciplined. She is also very wise. She knows a great deal about arcane magic and rituals. Uncommon for a soldier, but very valuable. She seems to share in Lia's obsession with spears. Oddly enough, neither of them actually carries a spear.



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