The icecaps coming from the poles engulf most of the world. This new known world is divided in four continental landmasses.

The infamous Well of Broken Souls lies somewhere along the southern icecap.

Movement and Transportation in the wilderness

Moving outside City-States has never been so dangerous, even if monsters or bandits don’t get you, the freezing temperatures might. Moving on heavily snowed areas make it so much more difficult and can tire even the toughest of mount in little time.

Traveling by sea is possible, but expensive, and also very risky. Many ships fell to pirates, sea monsters or even lone icebergs hidden in the mist.

There is a rumor that the ancient elvish kingdoms created Shadow Roads between the the material plane and the Shadowfell and used them to quickly cover great distances. However the rumours also say that accessing these roads is difficult and that they are far from safe.


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