The Calendar used in this setting is an aproximation of the one used in the Pathfinder Setting.
Each year has 360 days, divided into 12 months, each of 30 days.
Each week is composed of 7 days, named each by is order in the week (First day, Second day, etc…) there are no “official” weekends or holidays, those may exist on some City-States.
There is a moon with a 27 day cycle.

This Calendar was globally adopted by all City-States soon after the Great Mistake, give or take a few decades.

Current Year: 627


  1. Abadius
  2. Calistril
  3. Pharast
  4. Gozran
  5. Desnus
  6. Sarenith
  7. Erastus
  8. Arodus
  9. Rova
  10. Lamashan
  11. Neth
  12. Kuthona


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