Jaela's Journal 13
Session 27-29

AGM 627, late Arodus.

We are out of the Shadowfell. My memories of it are fuzzy. My mind is confused. Even though we were only there for a few hours, it feels like weeks passed.

Hopefully, my condition is not worsening and this is just an effect of traversing the Shadowfell and nearly dying. Yes, I nearly died. Lia tried to kill me, but she was under mind control — I do not hold it against her. In the end, she managed to pull me out of there.

I think the ritual worked, in a sense. We summoned a guardian to the portal, but it was a dragon and it seemed very confused about what happened. I was expecting a magical construct of some sort, not a living creature. I fear we have made a mistake. The dragon did not deserve to spend eternity bound to a portal. And will it even guard the portal? It has free will. What is to stop it from allowing the Drow passage so they may slaughter us as punishment?

I fear this task is not yet done. We may have to go speak with Mystery Prick again. Perhaps this time a little violence is in order.

Jaela's Journal 12
Session 26-27

AGM 627, mid Arodus.

The artefact turned out to be small pyramid. We found it in a secret chamber, accessed through a teleport inside a well in the kitchen. I had no idea such a place existed in the fortress. We needed the forgemaster amulet to get through the portal, so it was clearly set up by the order. More and more mysteries.

The artefact was guarded behind a gate with a strange contraption based on light crystals. I have no idea how he did, but Ku managed to figure out how to open the thing.

When I was in the fortress, I also had a vivid memory. Fighting inside the fortress, a commander shouting to fall back to the kitchens. I have no other memory related to this event. As far as I knew, the fortress had never been attacked. What in Moradin’s name happened to my mind? Could this be related to the artefact?

I wish we had kept the artefact, but there was no choice. We tried to re-negotiate but Mystery Prick refused. We had to hand it over, there too many lives at stake. I hope we do not regret the decision. Ku researched the artefact in the library of Redwall and found some references to the Great Mistake. This artefact could have been part of the weapons that caused it. And we gave it away to the shadiest wizard in the continent. I really hope these rituals are worth it.

So we are off to the portal, to cross into the Shadowfell and try to bind a guardian on the other side.

Jaela's Journal 11
Session 25

AGM 627, early Arodus.

We have met the mysterious mage. Gods, but he is a prick. He called himself Person Who Can Help You. I shall instead refer to him as Mystery Prick. It is shorter and much more accurate.

Mystery Prick had an immensely high opinion of himself. He said he would help, but only if we procured a trinket for him. But there was a twist. go more The trinket is in the Fortress of the Anvil. In a secret chamber. I do not recall such a thing at all. Is it another gap in my memory or just a secret of the Order that I was privy to?

We debated the matter internally. Mystery Prick left the room, but I am quite certain he scried on us. We tried to be discrete in our discussion, but I am not sure how much we managed to hide.

Nobody in the group was pleased with the arrangement. Mystery Prick was too suspicious. Barb even suggested he could be Eritheiya. We confronted Mystery Prick about his knowledge of the fortress and Eritheiya, but he denied everything. As expected.

We accepted the bargain. We were in a poor position to deal for anything better. But, perhaps once we have this mystery item, we can revisit the terms of the agreement.

So, now we are heading back to the Fortress. I confess I did not expect to return there so soon.

Jaela's Journal 10
Session 24

AGM 627, early Arodus.

We tried several different things to find a mage. More than we should have needed, I must confess. Regardless, we eventually found a minor mage named Illord. He was difficult to convince. I suppose us accosting him at a tavern, trailing him through the city and knocking at his door might have induced some paranoia.

I had to come clean with him and tell him of the drow attack. This got him motivated. Illord himself could not assist us, but he claimed to have a powerful friend who could. It cost us some coin and a magic cloak my comrades found, but Illord managed to arrange a meeting. This mystery mage is very paranoid so we must go in blind-folded. How utterly ridiculous.

Illord also explained the tunneling rods of the drow. Apparently, they are powered by some mystical element called rimefire. Alchemists have been trying to harness it since the Great Mistake but no one has succeed yet. It is quite impressive that the drow have mastered rimefire, or so Illord says.

Anyway, we are off to meet this mysterious hermit mage. I hope he bathes…

Jaela's Journal 09
Session 23

AGM 627, early Arodus.

We managed to slay the goo monster. It was a pity we were forced to do it. Barb had found love in the gooey embrace of the thing. A great and sudden love. He even fought against us, the bastard.

He got over his heartbreak just as fast, as soon as the monster died. There was not much let of the priestess besides her robe and staff — a gruesome thing with spider decorations. I tried to smash but could not. Thing was hard. So Lady Akra sent it back through the portal, with a note suggesting what the drow could do with the staff.

I thought it was a perfectly reasonable suggestion, but Lia is concerned we have antagonised the drow. Honestly, I do not think the drow need any antagonising. They try to kill and torture you regardless of what you do.

We managed to find our way back to the tunnelworks using the tunnel making rods — the first one stopped working halfway inside the tunnel. I was worried for a moment that we would get stuck there, but Ku managed to get the another one working and got us out of there.

Once outside we reported to a dwarf called Naakila Rackar, consul of Redwall. He is very concerned and is marshalling the leaders of Redwall to defend it. Redwall has too many leaders. By the time, the consuls and the council and the paragons and the King and everyone else have debated the matter, the drow will have raided this city ten times over.

We will not go to Tuore, as helping in the defence of Redwall is more important. Rackar asked us to find an arcanist to study the rods. I suggested we go to Alexandria to find one. Everyone was shocked at my suggestion — apparently Alexandria was destroyed twelve years ago by someone called Duncan Alarik. How could anyone beat the magocracy? And why would they? I need to find out more about this. One of the few leads I had on Eritreya just went up in smoke. Could this Duncan be related to the siege Eritreya referred to in her diary?

Regardless, there are other places to search for mages. Some may have fled to the city of Malabar. And surely some are in Redwall. The others suggested we start our search in the Triangle Tavern. It was a good idea. Elden had information on a small group of mages that sometimes met in the tavern. We need to find them as soon as possible.

Jaela's Journal 08
Session 21~22

AGM 627, early Arodus

We are trapped underground. Again.

The drow attacked the tunnelworks, as we expected. But we did not expect the manner of their attack. They had some sort of magical rod that could open temporary tunnels. But even with the element of surprise, we routed them. It is as Boris used to say, the drow spend too much time fetishising spiders, and not enough time practicing with swords.

The bastards were trying to kill as many workers as they could. They ignored us in favor of attacking innocent people. We could not save them all. If the drow had focused on us, things might have ended differently. We owe those people our lives.

When the battle turned, the drow fled. They opened new ice tunnels. We chased them through the tunnels. It was not the wisest decision. The tunnels closed behind us and we were stuck underground.

We interrogated one of the drow and found they were using a portal to launch attacks from their home city. We found this portal. Ku was very impressed. He said these kinds of portals were only spoken of in legends — ancient and dangerous paths through the Shadowfell. Looked real enough to me.

As we were discussing what to do about the portal, a drow priestess came through it. She seemed very surprised to see us. I suppose she was expecting the raiders to have returned in glory. We fought her, but in her death throes she transformed into a mutant goo monster of some sort.

Gods, is there a more disgusting race than the drow?

Jaela's Journal 07
Session 20

AGM 627, early Arodus

I am back in Redwall. I have not been to the city for some years. Well, more than a hundred, but discounting that. The city feels different.

The buildings, the districts, the walls, they have not changed much. But the people have. There are so many more of them, they move faster, they look more frightened. And security is much greater. There are checkpoints and controls just to get in and out of the city.

But I could barely concentrate on any of that. I kept looking over my shoulder, trying to find our mysterious enemy. I felt exposed, walking around in broad daylight. I miss skulking in cities. But I cannot. We do not skulk. We beat up skulkers, as Boris used to say.

I think I let my paranoia get the best of me. It has been a while since that happened. But I guess I will always be that little thief. I have to be more on guard against it, now that I cannot rely on the Order any more.

I was even suspicious of the priests at the temple! I lied to them when they asked about my faith. How could I do such a thing?

I prayed on it afterwards, long and hard. Begged Moradin for guidance. He gave some eventually, but it felt weaker, fainter than usual. I suppose he is angry with me for distrusting his priests. Well done, Jaela.

Moradin said to trust the priests. I did. I told them everything. It felt good to get these things off my chest. Talking to them felt familiar, somehow. Almost like I was back at the Order. I ended up losing my composure a little. The priests looked overwhelmed by all I told them.

Now we are heading out for Tuore. Would not be my first choice, but if the others want to go there, that is good enough for me. I will see if the priests can find any information about the fate of the Order. Perhaps they will have something when I am back.

The road to Tuore is actually a tunnel dug by the Redwall dwarfs. But they dug too deep and now the drow are attacking the tunnel. So we must fight them off. How depressingly familiar. Has there ever been a dwarf who felt like he had dug enough?

Jaela's Journal 06
Session 19~20

AGM 627, Erastus ??

So, the story behind our attackers. It is a long one.

It starts with two men, Chony and Affligen, who owned a bar together — the Triangle Tavern in Redwall. Chony went missing and Afligen hired my friends to find him. They found Chony, who had been kidnapped by hobgoblins. After being rescued, Chony asked them to search for some stolen spices.

The group tracked the spices to an abandoned tower, where they spent the night and also at some point went to get a cart for the spices. The next day, they found a woman called Elden in the middle of the snow.

As it turned out, Elden was the previously unknown third owner of Triangle Tavern. Chony and Afligen had tried to get her killed but somehow Afligen also got caught by the hobgoblins and the spice somehow got stolen as well.

The party decided to help Elden. They brought her back with the spices and then helped her retake the Triangle Tavern. Much fighting ensued and Afligen was either killed or arrested — my friends seem to have forgotten which…

Chony managed to escape. He is on the loose and angry. My friends claim that technically they brought the spices back so he really should not be upset. I agree, but backstabbing bar owners are not the most reasonable sort.

In any case, Chony seemed like a good bet to have hired the attackers. But, as I brilliantly pointed out, the note to our attackers was written in Dwarven. Neither Chony nor any of the attackers was a dwarf. So why would the note be in Dwarven?

When we returned to Redwall, we showed the note to Elden. After comparing it with some writing of Chony’s writings at the tavern, we realised he was not the author of the note.

Perhaps the note did not refer to us. Perhaps another group of adventurers was set to return to Redwall through that deserted path at the same time as us. Perhaps it was all bad timing and misunderstandings. Yes. And perhaps Moradin will shave his beard and take up gardening.

We have a secret enemy. He is probably a dwarf. And we are in a city full of them. Could be anyone. Could be anywhere. This is not good.

Jaela's Journal 05
Session 19

AGM 627, Erastus ??

I know what month it is now. Some progress is better than none.

We are out of the fortress. It looks just as bad from the outside. Nothing but ruins and rocks. The entrance to the fortress is completely caved in. I cannot stop thinking… How could this have happened?

Now that I am out in the open, the world is just as cold as I remember. By the forge, it may have gotten colder somehow. I suppose it was too much to hope for that someone would have managed to undo the Great Mistake.

We were attacked on the road. Orc raiders and some cultists. We have a name — the claws of Luthik. Luthik, according to Lia, is the wife of Gruumsh, god of orcs. The mind boggles. Gruumsh has a wife.

We also found a note on one of the cultists mentioning “pesky adventurers going back to Redwall via the north road”. I think my rescuers have some prior acquaintances that I need to know about.

Other than the attack, we had a pleasant enough trek to Redwall, baring the cold. I am starting to get to know the others a little better. Seems like each of them have, in some way, lost something because of this damned cold and the state the world is in.

I will travel with this group for a time and help them as I can. They have several tasks ahead.

They were sent by the Temple of Moradin to search the fortress of the Anvil for relics. They must report back. I am very eager to speak with the priests at the Temple.

Barb carries and axe that has been cursed. He would like my help cleansing it. I was never one for the forge but surely Moradin can help purify the weapon. Perhaps the priests can lend a hand.

Barb also had a ship which was taken over by pirates. He would like it back.

Then there is a quest relating to a strange metal sphere. It granted visions to my companions when they touched it. To my touch, it just felt like metal. In any case, they have been asked to go a place called Tuore where someone may know more.

I also have my own search for Eritheya and the fate of the Order. And my missing memories.

Finally, there is the story behind our attack on the road. It is… really quite something. I will have to order my thoughts further before committing it to paper.

Jaela's Journal 04
Session 17+18

AGM 627, ?? ??

Things are starting to make some sense, at least when it comes to the current state of the fortress. We found a diary that belonged to Eritheya. It was in tatters but we pieced some things together. She referred to the Anvil of Light as “some old order”. How long ago did the Order fall?

Apparently, Eritheya was trying to restore the long lives of elves. She did all of this — the aberrations, the cursed souls. She even summoned a demon inside the fortress! We slew the demon and I sent the souls of my brethren on. I hope Moradin helps them find piece again. Why did he not protect them in the first place?

I think we have also found a way out of the fortress. The entrance is collapsed but we can can leave through a well. I am not sure what I will do next. My rescuers asked me to go with them. I should, at least for a time. I need to repay them.

I need to find out what happened to the Order. And I have to pick up the trail of Eritheya. Her diary mentions some old sources and the city of Alexandria. Maybe I can find more information there. The diary also mentions a siege bu


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