Jaela's Journal 12

Session 26-27

AGM 627, mid Arodus.

The artefact turned out to be small pyramid. We found it in a secret chamber, accessed through a teleport inside a well in the kitchen. I had no idea such a place existed in the fortress. We needed the forgemaster amulet to get through the portal, so it was clearly set up by the order. More and more mysteries.

The artefact was guarded behind a gate with a strange contraption based on light crystals. I have no idea how he did, but Ku managed to figure out how to open the thing.

When I was in the fortress, I also had a vivid memory. Fighting inside the fortress, a commander shouting to fall back to the kitchens. I have no other memory related to this event. As far as I knew, the fortress had never been attacked. What in Moradin’s name happened to my mind? Could this be related to the artefact?

I wish we had kept the artefact, but there was no choice. We tried to re-negotiate but Mystery Prick refused. We had to hand it over, there too many lives at stake. I hope we do not regret the decision. Ku researched the artefact in the library of Redwall and found some references to the Great Mistake. This artefact could have been part of the weapons that caused it. And we gave it away to the shadiest wizard in the continent. I really hope these rituals are worth it.

So we are off to the portal, to cross into the Shadowfell and try to bind a guardian on the other side.



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