Jaela Ferron

Lost in time. Not panicking.


NG Human Cleric of Moradin


The Past (Circa AGM 510)

Jaela Ferron grew up a thief. Her life changed when she tried to rob a temple of Moradin. The priests caught her easily but they did not have her arrested. They told her this was foreseen and Moradin had a plan for her. One of the priests, Boris, was a member of the Order of the Anvil of Light and took her with him.

Jaela trained in the Order under Boris’ tutelage. She has become a powerful Cleric, fighting to help people. She still has many doubts about why Moradin would have a plan for someone like her but she feels indebted to the Order and hopes everything will become clear some day.


Jaela spent over a century in some sort of magical stasis. When she was awakened, there were gaps in her memory. She does not know how or why she went into stasis. In fact, she cannot figure out what is her last memory. She seems to remember everything else mostly fine.

Now, she must live in a changed world and discover what happened to her and to the Order. One question immediately comes to mind: could this be part of Moradin’s plan?

Jaela Ferron

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