Jaela's Journal 13

Session 27-29

AGM 627, late Arodus.

We are out of the Shadowfell. My memories of it are fuzzy. My mind is confused. Even though we were only there for a few hours, it feels like weeks passed.

Hopefully, my condition is not worsening and this is just an effect of traversing the Shadowfell and nearly dying. Yes, I nearly died. Lia tried to kill me, but she was under mind control — I do not hold it against her. In the end, she managed to pull me out of there.

I think the ritual worked, in a sense. We summoned a guardian to the portal, but it was a dragon and it seemed very confused about what happened. I was expecting a magical construct of some sort, not a living creature. I fear we have made a mistake. The dragon did not deserve to spend eternity bound to a portal. And will it even guard the portal? It has free will. What is to stop it from allowing the Drow passage so they may slaughter us as punishment?

I fear this task is not yet done. We may have to go speak with Mystery Prick again. Perhaps this time a little violence is in order.



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