Jaela's Journal 11

Session 25

AGM 627, early Arodus.

We have met the mysterious mage. Gods, but he is a prick. He called himself Person Who Can Help You. I shall instead refer to him as Mystery Prick. It is shorter and much more accurate.

Mystery Prick had an immensely high opinion of himself. He said he would help, but only if we procured a trinket for him. But there was a twist. go more The trinket is in the Fortress of the Anvil. In a secret chamber. I do not recall such a thing at all. Is it another gap in my memory or just a secret of the Order that I was privy to?

We debated the matter internally. Mystery Prick left the room, but I am quite certain he scried on us. We tried to be discrete in our discussion, but I am not sure how much we managed to hide.

Nobody in the group was pleased with the arrangement. Mystery Prick was too suspicious. Barb even suggested he could be Eritheiya. We confronted Mystery Prick about his knowledge of the fortress and Eritheiya, but he denied everything. As expected.

We accepted the bargain. We were in a poor position to deal for anything better. But, perhaps once we have this mystery item, we can revisit the terms of the agreement.

So, now we are heading back to the Fortress. I confess I did not expect to return there so soon.



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