Jaela's Journal 09

Session 23

AGM 627, early Arodus.

We managed to slay the goo monster. It was a pity we were forced to do it. Barb had found love in the gooey embrace of the thing. A great and sudden love. He even fought against us, the bastard.

He got over his heartbreak just as fast, as soon as the monster died. There was not much let of the priestess besides her robe and staff — a gruesome thing with spider decorations. I tried to smash but could not. Thing was hard. So Lady Akra sent it back through the portal, with a note suggesting what the drow could do with the staff.

I thought it was a perfectly reasonable suggestion, but Lia is concerned we have antagonised the drow. Honestly, I do not think the drow need any antagonising. They try to kill and torture you regardless of what you do.

We managed to find our way back to the tunnelworks using the tunnel making rods — the first one stopped working halfway inside the tunnel. I was worried for a moment that we would get stuck there, but Ku managed to get the another one working and got us out of there.

Once outside we reported to a dwarf called Naakila Rackar, consul of Redwall. He is very concerned and is marshalling the leaders of Redwall to defend it. Redwall has too many leaders. By the time, the consuls and the council and the paragons and the King and everyone else have debated the matter, the drow will have raided this city ten times over.

We will not go to Tuore, as helping in the defence of Redwall is more important. Rackar asked us to find an arcanist to study the rods. I suggested we go to Alexandria to find one. Everyone was shocked at my suggestion — apparently Alexandria was destroyed twelve years ago by someone called Duncan Alarik. How could anyone beat the magocracy? And why would they? I need to find out more about this. One of the few leads I had on Eritreya just went up in smoke. Could this Duncan be related to the siege Eritreya referred to in her diary?

Regardless, there are other places to search for mages. Some may have fled to the city of Malabar. And surely some are in Redwall. The others suggested we start our search in the Triangle Tavern. It was a good idea. Elden had information on a small group of mages that sometimes met in the tavern. We need to find them as soon as possible.



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