Jaela's Journal 08

Session 21~22

AGM 627, early Arodus

We are trapped underground. Again.

The drow attacked the tunnelworks, as we expected. But we did not expect the manner of their attack. They had some sort of magical rod that could open temporary tunnels. But even with the element of surprise, we routed them. It is as Boris used to say, the drow spend too much time fetishising spiders, and not enough time practicing with swords.

The bastards were trying to kill as many workers as they could. They ignored us in favor of attacking innocent people. We could not save them all. If the drow had focused on us, things might have ended differently. We owe those people our lives.

When the battle turned, the drow fled. They opened new ice tunnels. We chased them through the tunnels. It was not the wisest decision. The tunnels closed behind us and we were stuck underground.

We interrogated one of the drow and found they were using a portal to launch attacks from their home city. We found this portal. Ku was very impressed. He said these kinds of portals were only spoken of in legends — ancient and dangerous paths through the Shadowfell. Looked real enough to me.

As we were discussing what to do about the portal, a drow priestess came through it. She seemed very surprised to see us. I suppose she was expecting the raiders to have returned in glory. We fought her, but in her death throes she transformed into a mutant goo monster of some sort.

Gods, is there a more disgusting race than the drow?



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