Jaela's Journal 07

Session 20

AGM 627, early Arodus

I am back in Redwall. I have not been to the city for some years. Well, more than a hundred, but discounting that. The city feels different.

The buildings, the districts, the walls, they have not changed much. But the people have. There are so many more of them, they move faster, they look more frightened. And security is much greater. There are checkpoints and controls just to get in and out of the city.

But I could barely concentrate on any of that. I kept looking over my shoulder, trying to find our mysterious enemy. I felt exposed, walking around in broad daylight. I miss skulking in cities. But I cannot. We do not skulk. We beat up skulkers, as Boris used to say.

I think I let my paranoia get the best of me. It has been a while since that happened. But I guess I will always be that little thief. I have to be more on guard against it, now that I cannot rely on the Order any more.

I was even suspicious of the priests at the temple! I lied to them when they asked about my faith. How could I do such a thing?

I prayed on it afterwards, long and hard. Begged Moradin for guidance. He gave some eventually, but it felt weaker, fainter than usual. I suppose he is angry with me for distrusting his priests. Well done, Jaela.

Moradin said to trust the priests. I did. I told them everything. It felt good to get these things off my chest. Talking to them felt familiar, somehow. Almost like I was back at the Order. I ended up losing my composure a little. The priests looked overwhelmed by all I told them.

Now we are heading out for Tuore. Would not be my first choice, but if the others want to go there, that is good enough for me. I will see if the priests can find any information about the fate of the Order. Perhaps they will have something when I am back.

The road to Tuore is actually a tunnel dug by the Redwall dwarfs. But they dug too deep and now the drow are attacking the tunnel. So we must fight them off. How depressingly familiar. Has there ever been a dwarf who felt like he had dug enough?



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