Jaela's Journal 06

Session 19~20

AGM 627, Erastus ??

So, the story behind our attackers. It is a long one.

It starts with two men, Chony and Affligen, who owned a bar together — the Triangle Tavern in Redwall. Chony went missing and Afligen hired my friends to find him. They found Chony, who had been kidnapped by hobgoblins. After being rescued, Chony asked them to search for some stolen spices.

The group tracked the spices to an abandoned tower, where they spent the night and also at some point went to get a cart for the spices. The next day, they found a woman called Elden in the middle of the snow.

As it turned out, Elden was the previously unknown third owner of Triangle Tavern. Chony and Afligen had tried to get her killed but somehow Afligen also got caught by the hobgoblins and the spice somehow got stolen as well.

The party decided to help Elden. They brought her back with the spices and then helped her retake the Triangle Tavern. Much fighting ensued and Afligen was either killed or arrested — my friends seem to have forgotten which…

Chony managed to escape. He is on the loose and angry. My friends claim that technically they brought the spices back so he really should not be upset. I agree, but backstabbing bar owners are not the most reasonable sort.

In any case, Chony seemed like a good bet to have hired the attackers. But, as I brilliantly pointed out, the note to our attackers was written in Dwarven. Neither Chony nor any of the attackers was a dwarf. So why would the note be in Dwarven?

When we returned to Redwall, we showed the note to Elden. After comparing it with some writing of Chony’s writings at the tavern, we realised he was not the author of the note.

Perhaps the note did not refer to us. Perhaps another group of adventurers was set to return to Redwall through that deserted path at the same time as us. Perhaps it was all bad timing and misunderstandings. Yes. And perhaps Moradin will shave his beard and take up gardening.

We have a secret enemy. He is probably a dwarf. And we are in a city full of them. Could be anyone. Could be anywhere. This is not good.



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