Jaela's Journal 05

Session 19

AGM 627, Erastus ??

I know what month it is now. Some progress is better than none.

We are out of the fortress. It looks just as bad from the outside. Nothing but ruins and rocks. The entrance to the fortress is completely caved in. I cannot stop thinking… How could this have happened?

Now that I am out in the open, the world is just as cold as I remember. By the forge, it may have gotten colder somehow. I suppose it was too much to hope for that someone would have managed to undo the Great Mistake.

We were attacked on the road. Orc raiders and some cultists. We have a name — the claws of Luthik. Luthik, according to Lia, is the wife of Gruumsh, god of orcs. The mind boggles. Gruumsh has a wife.

We also found a note on one of the cultists mentioning “pesky adventurers going back to Redwall via the north road”. I think my rescuers have some prior acquaintances that I need to know about.

Other than the attack, we had a pleasant enough trek to Redwall, baring the cold. I am starting to get to know the others a little better. Seems like each of them have, in some way, lost something because of this damned cold and the state the world is in.

I will travel with this group for a time and help them as I can. They have several tasks ahead.

They were sent by the Temple of Moradin to search the fortress of the Anvil for relics. They must report back. I am very eager to speak with the priests at the Temple.

Barb carries and axe that has been cursed. He would like my help cleansing it. I was never one for the forge but surely Moradin can help purify the weapon. Perhaps the priests can lend a hand.

Barb also had a ship which was taken over by pirates. He would like it back.

Then there is a quest relating to a strange metal sphere. It granted visions to my companions when they touched it. To my touch, it just felt like metal. In any case, they have been asked to go a place called Tuore where someone may know more.

I also have my own search for Eritheya and the fate of the Order. And my missing memories.

Finally, there is the story behind our attack on the road. It is… really quite something. I will have to order my thoughts further before committing it to paper.



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