Jaela's Journal 04

Session 17+18

AGM 627, ?? ??

Things are starting to make some sense, at least when it comes to the current state of the fortress. We found a diary that belonged to Eritheya. It was in tatters but we pieced some things together. She referred to the Anvil of Light as “some old order”. How long ago did the Order fall?

Apparently, Eritheya was trying to restore the long lives of elves. She did all of this — the aberrations, the cursed souls. She even summoned a demon inside the fortress! We slew the demon and I sent the souls of my brethren on. I hope Moradin helps them find piece again. Why did he not protect them in the first place?

I think we have also found a way out of the fortress. The entrance is collapsed but we can can leave through a well. I am not sure what I will do next. My rescuers asked me to go with them. I should, at least for a time. I need to repay them.

I need to find out what happened to the Order. And I have to pick up the trail of Eritheya. Her diary mentions some old sources and the city of Alexandria. Maybe I can find more information there. The diary also mentions a siege bu



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