Jaela's Journal 02

Still in the first session.

AGM 627, ?? ??

It is very likely that everyone I knew is dead. Dwarves do not live far into their second century anymore. I keep thinking of Boris. He always had faith in the plan. I tested his faith a great deal but it never faltered. I think that is why he pushed me so hard in training. He wanted to repay me for all the grief I caused him. Dwarves and their grudges.

Boris was so strong. He liked to say he was a warrior who learned to wield magic and everyone else was a priest who learned to fight. And I was a thief who could not seem to learn either.

I wonder what happened to Boris. I did not think anything could take him, but he was not young. Whatever it was, it was bound to have been impressive. Like when he led the defense of Pharae. Moradin's beard, he was the defense of Pharae that day! I remember, after the fighting, passing out from exhaustion.  And he was still up, casting healing spells on any who needed.

Whatever Moradin wants me to do, I wonder why he did not put Boris to it instead.  Surely, he would have been more capable than me. Regardless, I am the one who is here. I can at least honor Boris. I owe him much more but it is a start.



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